Analyze This! Another Edition of Questions From Google Keyword Searches

One of my favourite things to do with Google keyword searches is to see how people got to my blog, and what they were looking for. Often there's some interesting questions, or looking for very specific toys, fetishes, or porn. Analyze This! is basically an advice column of what I find, and it's fast, easy, and often a bit weird.

Check out Round 1 and Round 2 for more questions about AB/DL, fat sex positions, and if double penetration can hurt a pregnant woman's unborn child.

porn better free or paid for

As a porn performer who gets more work from studios when my work is successful and gets the producer paid subscriptions, I'm gonna have to go with paid, especially in a "treat sex work as work" sort of way. Jiz Lee wrote a couple of great pieces on just this topic, and how paying for porn helps ensure ethical work environments.

Also, many studios save their best work for behind paywalls. Pay for your porn, and not only are you supporting producers, performers, and workers on set, but you're also a lot more likely to have access to higher quality videos, better streaming, better audio, and more types of porn.

girls being throat fucked causing them to gag

So this is reasonably straightforward, being something that a lot of folks seem to be into because of the sudden constriction of the muscles, etc. I'm very familiar with the sensation personally because I have a gag reflex like no one's business- just a relatively normal blow job can cause me to have an intense gagging fit!

Because I feel like this is info/porn that's catered to quite a bit, therefore, I thought I'd instead let you know that this activity is actually ALSO probably banned in UK porn if it lasts longer than a minute, or if language around  "gagging" on the cock is used, as it would be considered a reference to choking. Learn more about obscenity laws and watch some hot porn with Ban This Sick Filth!

sex on trains

As you may or may not know, I have a massive thing for sex on trains. I'm really glad to find I'm not alone in that, though I'm still trying to work out if there's any ethical way to manifest this fantasy for myself. Probably not.

kinky cum play ideas

So one of my hottest fantasies/sex life things that I've discovered recently is how hot it is to be spread open with a speculum while a partner jerks off into you. I've seen one or two porn scenes with this, but not very often. One of the things I realized, though, is that you can do this using safer sex- just slip a condom (preferably a female condom) over the insertable end of the speculum, and gently insert into the body. Now you have a barrier, but also a hot scene. Yum yum yum.

I'm also really into having come sucked out of my cunt. ::fans self::

gay wizard porn

I've failed you, person looking for gay wizard porn. There's none of it to be had here- just reviews of the Wizard of Oz and Harry Potter porn parodies, both weirdly straight.

But this exists. And it might not be terrible.

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