May 2015

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Misandry 4Eva: Kitty's Guide To A Man-Repelling Summer Wardrobe

With summer on the way, shorts come out of hiding, skirts get a bit shorter, and men seem a thousand times more entitled to catcall you for daring to be comfortable in the heat. So many magazines feel the need to weigh in on how to make yourself MORE attractive to men, but why would you want to, when they can't seem to STFU whenever you leave the house? Well, don't worry, dear reader. Here's how can you tell them to fuck right off… View More


Femme Solidarity is Subversive Shit

When I was a teenager, into my early twenties, most of my friends were boys. I dismissed or stifled socially coded feminine interests… View More


The Uneasy Balance of Self Care VS Challenging Fear

I have a particularly uneasy relationship with food. Buying it, cooking it, remembering to eat it. I will go hungry for hours, sometimes days when the headweasels are particularly bad. I develop this dread of… View More


Kiss the Cook: A Little Women Slashfic

I wrote this for a local event called SHIPWRECK - now that I know to add more sound effects and more… View More