Kiss the Cook: A Little Women Slashfic

I wrote this for a local event called SHIPWRECK - now that I know to add more sound effects and more buttsex, I think I can really bring it next time.

In the meantime, in honor of Mother's Day, here's a Hannah/Marmee slashfic. I'm sorry. Not really.


The girls were away at school, finally leaving Hannah and Marmee to a quiet day of keeping house. Hannah had spent much of the time in the kitchen, preparing vegetables for the evening’s stew, while Marmee had been discreetly watching the older woman’s arm muscles ripple as she rooted around the garden, lifted baskets and chopped parsnips and carrots. It had been many years since her husband had gone off to be a chaplain in the war, and Marmee was feeling restless. She had done her duty to God and Country by marrying and having children. What more could she want?

Yet she had these thoughts that came to her, often in the night… thoughts about her maid and companion, Hannah, and thoughts about her strong hands.

“Oh, come along, Marmee,” she scolded herself. Yet when she was sure she was alone, it was Hannah’s lips she imagined touching hers. Marmee sighed audibly thinking of those fantasies, only to find she was not alone.

“What ails you, marm?” said Hannah, peeling a potato while leaning against the doorway.

“Hannah! I was just… thinking, about raising these girls, and how hard it is to talk about the ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’ and being good when I struggle so much myself.”

Putting down the potato, Hannah came to Marmee and brushed a lock of hair from the young mother’s forehead. “You’re so good to them, you know,” she said reassuringly.

Marmee sank into Hannah’s strong arms. “I just need to be held, and to feel we will get through all this,” she cried. Those strong arms wrapped around her, holding her close when suddenly, they were kissing. Hannah’s lips pressed against Marmee’s, gentle yet firm.

“With all respect, marm, I think you need a little more focus on yourself and a little less on the rest of us,” Hannah said when the kiss had broken.

“Oh,” replied Marmee, her hand flying up to her lips in surprise. The kiss had been everything she had dreamed of. It had awakened a fire in her she had long thought dead.

As if reading her mind, Hannah parted her lover’s plump, hairy lips with calloused fingers to find her center of love. It was as hard as a diamond. “You spend so much time taking care of those girls, but who takes care of you?”

Marmee shuddered at the sensation. She could not remember how many years it had been since she had seen her husband, and even more since he had touched her like this. Had he ever touched her like this? “Oh Hannah,” she whispered, “what is it that you do with your hands? I have not felt anything like it..! But what if the girls return, what would they say?”

“They need never know, marm,” was the reply, as the fingers moved from circling Nature’s orifice to find Marmee quite wet and ready for anything. The musky scent of her excitation began to fill the small kitchen, leaving Hannah hungry for more. The older woman kissed Marmee’s neck and ear. She began to tell her exactly what was about to happen, leaving Marmee’s knees quite weak with anticipation.

“Oh! How indecent!” cried Marmee with a little gasp. “I oughtn’t to be doing these things! What would Aunt March think? Oh my!”

“I can stop, if you’d like,” answered Hannah with a teasing smile, hastening her frigging just a fraction.

“No, oh no, please,” moaned Marmee.

Hannah’s smile widened, and she went to her knees, pulling up the skirts and underskirts of her lover to find the lips to her cunt open and wanting. She covered Marmee’s thighs with burning kisses, getting closer and closer to her watertight furnace with her impassioned touch. With a small cry, Marmee pulled Hannah’s head to her, desperate for a more intimate exploration of her inner folds. The always obliging Hannah lapped at Marmee’s creamy cunt framed by soft brown fleece with her firm and knowing tongue. The action sent the young mother into a crisis. Moving out from underneath the skirts, Hannah kissed Marmee again, the taste of arousal hot on her lips.

“You have desires,” said Hannah, “and it may not be proper but it’s real. If you’ll let me, I’d like to satisfy a few of them, marm.”

“Call me Marmee, Hannah, oh please! And show me more of these delicious pleasures,” exclaimed Marmee, her eyes burning with lust.

Looking around the kitchen, Hannah locked eyes with Marmee and slowly slid a carrot into her mouth. “Well, to start, I can think of a better, warmer place for this”, she murmured, sliding one hand down and then under Marmee’s skirts to the now-wet fur underneath. The carrot slid across Marmee’s pink gash. Hannah switched between gentle slapping and slow, teasing strokes.

“Do you want this, Marmee?” murmured Hannah huskily.

“Oh yes,” moaned Marmee.

“Show me how much,” demanded Hannah. Glancing around for an available surface, Marmee hoisted herself upon the countertop. She lifted her skirts around her waist and spreading her legs lewdly. Parting her swollen labia lips, she let her fingers dip in and out of her entrance.

“So, so much, Hannah… it’s been so long… oh PLEASE,” Marmee begged.

Hannah teased her lover with the carrot for a moment longer, then thrust it into her waiting cunt. Marmee covered her mouth with her hand to try and quiet her whimpers, but they soon turned into a low cry. Grasping for the peeled potato, Hannah pushed it between Marmee’s flushed lips as a gag.

“Breathe,” Hannah commanded. Marmee inhaled shakily. Hannah came closer and whispered, lips delicately touching in her lover’s ear, “open for me, my sweetest angel, let me inside!” and Marmee groaned, convulsed, letting the carrot in deep and covering it and those calloused hands with her lady juices. Pulling the vegetable out to admire the glistening dew embracing it, Hannah locked eyes with Marmee, tasted it, and slowly slid it back inside. She became a spouting geyser as she spent under Hannah’s administrations.

Marmee, quite worn out, slid from the counter which was soaked with her fluids. “Oh Hannah, whatever shall we do now?” She blushed. “I’ve managed to christen our dinner with my excitement!”

Hannah just grinned and kissed her. “Don’t you worry about that, marm. No one will notice a thing. Now you scurry off and get back to your knitting instead of watching me work!”

Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy all exclaimed they had never tasted a stew so delicious and clamoured for Hannah’s secret. But Hannah just smiled and never said a word.

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