October 2015

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Mixtapes From My Exes: Part One

I wanted to write something about some of the songs my exes put on mixtapes for me, or introduced me to, as a way of describing them, and us, and why these songs still sting my heart a little every time I hear… View More


Fear Itself: Why I Hate Horror Movies, Haunted Houses, and Other "Fun" Scary Things

I was raised as a fighter, in multiple ways. I marched outside of abortion clinics with my dad, protesting the protesters so women could have some sense of solidarity going into their appointments. I took karate and Model Mugging,… View More


The Manic Pixie Sidekick

I identify pretty strongly with the manic pixie dream girl archetype. I've always had a weird sense of style, for a start, and quirky interests that have made me interesting to talk… View More


New Paths, New Porns

Well, if you follow me on social media, you probably know I got fired from TROUBLEfilms a month after being promoted to Head of Production. I'm not… View More