June 2013

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Review: Aneros Eupho Syn

So due to being a bit ill with a norovirus, I turned to my partner to do a review of his very own of the Aneros Eupho Syn,… View More


Sticky Floors, Bloody Marys, and Casual Encounters

So there's a club in San Francisco I have always had a soft spot for. It was dark, and a bit grungy, and the floor always felt stickier than it should beneath my heels. There… View More


Apocalypse Now, Please?

So, let's see. The government's hunting Snowden for telling us even a bit about how much they're spying on us. Microsoft adds to their list of fuckups with the Xbox One by using rape jokes to sell it. Trans* women are… View More


Trigger Warning: Facebook

"Adverts for their products appeared next to a group captioned “I like her for her brains” below a woman lying with a pool of blood around her head, and another titled “Violently Raping Your Friend Just for Laughs”."  -Pinterest: nudity welcome, Matt… View More