April 2013

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What I Mean When I Say I'm Sex Critical

So, I saw on Tumblr this awesome post by Pervocracy about what sex positive means to them. I really love and agree with their post, and it made me consider my critique of "sex positive" as a catch-all term and why I tend to not identify with it generally (though probably would if Pervocracy's definition was more widespread). I'm also… View More


Stage 5: Acceptance

Trigger Warning: This discusses abuse, why someone would stay in an abusive situation, self-blame, loss of friends. It's part of a series about losing… View More


Our Attraction/Disgust Reaction to Manic Pixies

I've been turning this over in my head for a while, so these are just some thoughts, really, but with "why you need to date a crazy girl" going Kinky & Popular on Fetlife, and as a woman who thought being… View More