Review: Aneros Eupho Syn

So due to being a bit ill with a norovirus, I turned to my partner to do a review of his very own of the Aneros Eupho Syn, the newest member of the Aneros family! These are great toys to introduce men to anal play with, and anal play with prostate stimulation (their specialty) is thought be be good for maintaining a healthy prostate- probably why they're sponsoring  the tour of "The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure" by Charlie Glickman and Aislinn Emirzian (which we'll also be reviewing here on this blog)!

Anyway, onto the review:

Today I'm reviewing the Aneros Eupho Syn. I already own the Aneros Helix Syn, so I'm accustomed to this family of products, but this was the first time I'd ever used this particular model. First, I'll describe the actual toy itself.

The Eupho Syn appears physically very similar to the Helix Syn I'm already familiar with. The product is quite small and discreet and is made out  of a shiny, red plastic which is mostly covered by a velvety black rubber. The "business" end has a sort of "head" on one end, narrowing directly beneath it before widening again, and then tapering gently down to the handle. The handle end has two arms, one meant to go up to your perenium - the area between your genitals and your butt, which has a little knob for additional stimulation, with the other arm having a little curly-que handle that nestles down between your cheeks.

The velvety rubber is a really nice feature of this product. It not only lends a very nice, high-quality feel to the product, but really seems to just sort of hold the lube in such a way that the product is able to just slip right in, with minimal lube or effort.

Much like the Helix, my complaint about this product is that it doesn't seem quite big enough to have the desired effect. For me at least, doesn't seem quite long enough to hit my 'P' spot, nor wide enough to give me any sort of pleasant stretching feeling. The device does come with a set of instructions, which I followed to the letter, but it just didn't seem to do much for me. I'll admit however, that I've never had much luck with hands-free devices. From my experience with the Helix, I find that using the handy little curly handle for some gentle manual stimulation with the device is far more effective.

It certainly does still feel pleasant on its own however, and can be quite erotic, especially if paired with a nice vibrator (I used the infamous Hitachi Magic Wand for this review). I am no stranger to anal play, and so the problems I have with it could just be that it's a better device for a novice. That being said, I still use the Helix Syn on a fairly regular basis out  of the convenience of it's size and ease-of-use, but when I compare the Eupho Syn, I think I'm unlikely to turn to it as often as it just doesn't have quite the girth as the Helix. I do absolutely think it is a fantastic introductory product for someone who is less experienced and perhaps intimidated by anal play.

If you're a woman interested in similar toys constructed for G-spot pleasure, I highly recommend the Evi.

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