Your Sensual Personal Shopper

I'm often asked by friends if I have a recommendation for a toy for this or a place one can get a leather that.

I'm thinking this holiday season, what if I offered a sensual personal shopping service? I mean, every single toy company offers their own, right, but only for the stuff they offer at their shop. What if you could get someone's expertise who could give you a personalized recommendation? Getting someone who has a lot of time to poke around for the perfect thing to source the ideal present?

I love Christmas shopping. Like, a lot. I pride myself on finding the perfect, random things for people on my list. Things they wouldn't think to ask for but can't imagine being without either. So my unemployed, too much time on my hands self thought- maybe I can offer that skill and even get a little moolah myself... hmm!

Would anyone use such a service? I'd happily cover sex toys, kinky toys, erotica, sex guides and pornography! Maybe I'd even manage to get a coupon for you. How much would such a service be worth to you?

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