I didn't know how it would make me feel, wrapping his body in cling film.

When I had seen photos on the internet I thought it looked messy, maybe a bit silly- I secretly harbored fantasies about writing on their bodies in sharpies, marking off cuts of meat, but didn't think it'd be something I would be that into in real life. It was quick and easy, but aesthetically I figured it'd not do much for me. I had tried bondage tape, sure, but not cling film.

But when he was there, in front of me, naked and squirming ever so slightly, his flesh pressing against the transparent film... I felt my Beast come out. I wanted to tear into him, tear the plastic from him with my teeth. I saw him as prey, as food, as mine... and I wanted to devour him.

I rubbed my body over his, reveling in the stickiness of it, the way it tightened as he breathed. The way it clung to his nipples, so tightly, made them look like little pink candies, little droplets I wanted to roll between my teeth. I wanted to mark him, to piss on him, to rub my musk on him so others would know that I had claimed him. I loved the way his cock strained against the cling film, begging for attention but flat and out of the way if I wanted to ignore it. I loved how it made it harder for him to breathe. I wanted him under my power, controlled, taken. I wanted to smear my juices all over him and then slide a cold knife under the layers and rip them to shreds so I could get at his skin again.

When he's wrapped like this I have to remind my Beast that he's not a masochist, because part of me wants to pierce and bruise him. I like to think he enjoys the edge in our play, the fear and excitement from the gleam I get in my eyes when he's helpless. I like to think he's not truly scared of me, or just scared enough for it to be sexy. But when my Beast is in my veins, I want him to be terrified. I want to smell his fear and helplessness. I want him, on some level, to wish to run and not be able to.

And when he's unwrapped, and we're snuggling under the blanket, I want him to tell me I'm not a bad person for wanting to break him.

And he does.

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