vote yes on prop K so I can go back to California

This is Sadie Lune. She wants a wife, sex worker rights, and possibly more hats to add to her collection. She's this very sexy poster girl for Proposition K, a move to decriminalize prostitution in San Francisco.

Let me introduce you to Prop K.

Prop K will bar police from investigating and prosecuting prostitution charges. It will also deny funds for the First Offender Prostitution Program (“john school", a guilt-trip misinformation meeting to attempt to make men feel badly about seeing hookers) and stop the city from harassing sex workers of color under the guise of "rescuing trafficking victims". These police operations tend to target streetwalkers and massage parlors- yet they also indulge in these businesses as entertainment for their officers.

Prop K also forces police to investigate charges of battery, rape, extortion, and other violent crimes, even if the victim is a sex worker. Nope, that doesn't happen now- if they know or discover you're in the industry they'll drop charges and not take it seriously. Cause, as we all know, you can't rape a hooker, right?

If it doesn't pass in San Francisco, we'll go back to doing what we always do- advertising in slogans and slang, never quite being able to say what we will and won't do and for how much, never quite being able to negotiate fully, always trying to skirt the issue and be clear with a prospective customer without being too clear unless it's a cop. As a dominatrix I will be unable to offer sex, and even then I will have to be wary as BDSM counts as sex for money if they really want to press the issue.

If it DOES pass, it'll be a huge sigh of relief and I'll be able to work the way I do here- nice advertising, chilled out time with guys, clear expectations which leads to way hotter sexy fun. We'll have access to better health care, legal advice, and emotional support.

Either way... it's not like I'd stop working. I would just be working in secret and in fear instead of being the proud woman you see here.

Another blog for another time about "Challenging Man's Demand for Prostitution in Scotland", that lovely document where they refuse to let their survey questions be seen and they come to conclusions that 10% of punters would rape a woman if they didn't think they'd be caught.

Though I do like this:
"There is also a quick vote poll on the Daily Record home page ‘What is the best way to end prostitution?’
As I write this at 5.30pm on 28th April the preliminary results are:-
Arrest hookers - 12.0%
Arrest punters - 35.6%
Reduce poverty - 22.1%
Reduce drug use - 30.3%"

There's a big difference. In the States, we arrest hookers. Here, we want to arrest punters. Really what we need to do is reduce poverty and maybe drug use... but that's really hard. Arresting people is easier and looks more exciting.

I'll conclude with Sadie's amazing performance that won first prize in the SFMOMA "I Want You" contest (explanation on the video)-

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