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Whew! It feels like it's been a while since I've written anything. I've been clutching my head about the discussion around Slutwalk, mostly, while I've been away from the keyboard. I've also had some fantastic events to go to and things to check out... consider this a preview of posts that are upcoming!

One thing I went to was a conference on the audiences of pornography as a part of the Critical Sexology lectures I keep up with. It's through Critical Sexology that I got involved with Onscenity's blog roundup around child sexualization, a hefty topic with a lot of things to say about it! The porn discussion was incredibly informative and massaged my brain quite a bit- I have a notebook full of things to say about it which I'll be getting to in the next week or so.

Friday of last week the boy treated me to a fancy hotel High Tea- champagne, tiny cakes, and delicious tea! I've had the whole tea shebang, but never in a nice urban environment... oh, it was fancy and I could get used to it, hehehe! Weirdly enough I had been to the hotel before with a client a while back, down in the hotel's basement bar (a very gentlemanly space), so it was kind of nice to go again with my boy to the airy, bright terrace upstairs.

Then last weekend was Ladies High Tea and Pornography Society. Also on my list is posting a massive write-up on why Ladies High Tea is such an important space. Til then, it was a really fun event filled with feminine energy, glittery cupcakes, and top quality porn. It was massively fun, held in a pretty plush flat, and it was just nice to be surrounded by lovely ladies who appreciated filth like I do. We mostly watched queer porn (hey, I have a taste) but I tried to inject some straighter stuff as well. More on that at a later date.

Thursday the boy and I went to Boylesque 2, a charity event down in Vauxhall. There was less boylesque than I expected- half the show was a charity auction of pants being stripped off pretty boys- but it was still a fun night out with some excellent performances. Dusty Limits was on form, as he always is, and the models of the pants showed a spectrum of types, which was nice to see. I didn't bid on any, though there were some shiny ones and some flesh coloured ones that were sheer that I mentally marked off as possibilities to add to the boy's underwear collection....

Last night was Night of the Senses and the Erotic Awards. I sadly did not win Female Sex Worker of the Year- that went to the lovely Lara Latex (and I will admit I wanted to be resentful but she is just such a darling)- but the boy and I clowned up and had a great time anyway. There were a lot more queers there than last year, which was a relief, and there was even a Queer Camp upstairs which made for a nice sanctuary from the hustle and bustle.

I was a bit bummed out as yesterday was a day of rejection- I didn't get the internship I wanted with a writer I admire, I didn't get an Erotic Award, I didn't place in Filament's erotic fiction contest- but, I *did* get my ipod back after losing it at Ladies High Tea, and I was surrounded by people I adore, so it helped pet my head. Also I'll be smothering my sorrows in my favourite sushi place, Dotori, before heading off to Filament's print weekend. Frankly, it's kind of good to get rejection and learn how to handle it without pouting- it reminds me that I have a ways to go yet and it gives me a goal to fight for. I do well with that sort of thing.

Ok, ok, it helps that I'm also writing some stuff for this Kindle smut thing, the Sex Blogyssey with the fab Suzanne Portnoy, have been asked to write some stories for another online publisher (specifically, too!) and am starting to work on the outline for a book about my development from perplexed and frustrated house Dominatrix to proud feminist lesbo whore. So it's not like I'm doing *too* badly.

I promise, more thorough blogging soon!

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