state of the Greebs

So, for all of you who kindly sent me well wishes on my kitty cat- thank you, it was much appreciated.

And apparently, all that good energy went to at least 3 weeks longer than he should be alive- his lump in his tummy is the size of his head, and it's a miracle that he's still with us, much less eating and wandering about the house. As I type, he's settled on the bed having made an (unsuccessful) bid for freedom via the bedroom window. He was very good at the vet's, taking his shots like a champ (and I got him more antibiotic, though this time as a shot- I'm stupidly relieved not to have to try and give him pills!)

I'm a little worried he'll pass while Clear and I are on vacation in Poland. I remember with Disco it was very quick- called the vet Friday and he passed away Monday or something. However, Greebo has already given above and beyond his pussycat duty to me as a mummy, and I'm grateful for every extra second I get to spend snuggling into his furry lumpy belly.

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