maybe, if I want to dye my hair often, I should shave after all

...because dying the curtains to match the drapes or whatever it's called is a lot harder than it sounds in the phrase, for sure!

I never used to feel this concerned about picking colors and stuff. I'd go with whatever I liked, dye my hair green or blue or pink to match what I was feeling at the moment- and, well, most of my life I've shaved my body hair, so having a muff now is an experience.

I decided to match my body hair to each other, not that it's terribly noticeable. And the color I choose was a red color that'll hopefully hold up well, though trying to put on a white sweater was a bad idea- it got some dye on it (though I confirmed my opinion that, if you're going for almost-natural colors, Feria is the best- I got dark red dye out of a white sweater, dye that had set for an hour, with just hot water and white soap!)

When I was at the beauty shop, I realized I didn't know if it would affect my work badly or not, having unnaturally colored hair. Some guys have said they love my wacky color choices, like hot pink or purple, and others prefer me to look discreet, I think. Not that it matters that much to me, cause if someone doesn't want to see me because of my hair color, well... ::shrug::

However, the other thing affecting it was- I always felt that the snappy hair came with the snappy hair cut, which for me has been a bobbed one. Now that my hair is a bit longer, it seems harder to do highlights and stuff the way I did it before. But maybe I just need to get it razored or something, make it look a little more fashion-y.

Now that I've almost completely lost everyone reading this blog... ::laughs::

So for now, it's a glossy red. Maybe in the future, purple, or pink, or blue, or all of those...

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