Stage 1: Denial


11:11AM Thursday October 4


the sun blares like nothing's changed

nothing's changed



your ring is still on my finger

where you put it


so nothing's changed


and yet i'm falling, falling, falling

there's something wrong with my heart

there's something wrong

shaking my head in disbelief

no, this isn't happening


my body crumples into reeds

by the riverside


Hapi smiles

and dunks my head under the water



and i am blinded

to the lack of you

the sound of rushing water

preventing me from hearing

dial tone


no nothing's changed

it can't have changed

you were just saying how you loved me


how could you have stopped so suddenly


could this have changed so suddenly

this isn't happening


we can get through this right

we always get through this


and Hapi just smiles

as he drowns me


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