sex worker on the move! Edinburgh

"So" I said to myself, "I need a break. Clear needs a break. I'd like to go to Edinburgh. Hey, there's a sex work discussion going on end of May- why don't I go to that? And hey, while there, why don't I do some work?" Oh, self, you're brilliant. One day, 2 awesome Domme sessions with excellent people in this AMAZING flat that cost me only £50 a night for a two bedroom, two bathroom with kitchen and separate living room (dishwasher! dryer! I don't even have these in my flat!) , and my trip has been paid for and then some. I will feel cheated in hotel rooms from now own. This place really rocks my socks off- even though it's furnished in Ikea, it's in a way that really works, nice and minimal. There's SO MUCH SPACE. And I'm dorky enough to have made a video of it to remember it by. There's a TV and dvd player, too, and I can see the city from here. It's right by the water. And did I mention the space? At first, I felt lonely and small in here, but now I'm reveling in it. Only thing that's missing? A working enter key on my laptop. <3

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