sex work is not equal to immoral

I was on a forum where the poster was discussing how, if his daughter became a WG, he'd want to kill the punters. He said he knew this made him a hypocrite.

My response was as follows.

I became a pro Domme and then a WG because I hated retail. Yes, it was "more decent" by society's standards, but I was never that fussed with their morals anyway.

Instead of slaving away 20 hours a week as a food service worker or a retail worker, to get a barely livable wage, I work maybe 3-6 hours a week and earn at least half again more. This allows me some time to focus on my studies- I can read textbooks on the train as I go from a booking, for example, and I have a lot more off time.

As I enjoy my sexuality and that of others, and I can afford to pick and choose clients, I have a safe experience in the WG world.

Now, I think part of the reason I felt free and comfortable making this choice is because I was brought up to have agency and to make my own informed decisions. My parents know I do sex work, and support me doing what it is I love as long as I'm being healthy and safe as I can be about it. I'm grateful they know, because if something traumatic happened, I could discuss it with them. I don't have to hide, which in turns makes me feel safer.

But then, my father isn't the sort who feels the need to disembowl my male lovers for "violating his little girl". My mother enjoys attempting to embarass them, but that's as sinister as it gets. I would suggest you explore why you feel your daughters should not be in a position to make their own choices, why you feel these men you don't know are responsible for her choices, and reflect some on the fact that it's easier to strike out at the stranger than to calmly discuss things with the one you love. That sort of attitude is common, also, with cheating- it's easier to hate the other woman or man than the partner with whom you have an agreement, but that doesn't make it ethical.

When I look back on having been a sex worker, I will be very proud. I have had quality experiences with excellent men and women. I have helped disabled men and women rediscover sexual pleasure. I have helped men with erectile dysfunction find other sexual activities they can enjoy, and thus helped them relax enough to help with their erections. I have helped trans people understand their new genitalia, or come to terms with their current set. I have helped women find pleasure after traumatic sexual experiences, and reclaim their bodies.

How could I not be proud and honored to have been a part of that? How is that less meaningful to human happiness than being a lawyer?

I feel so strongly about this that I'm getting my PhD in Sexology. I've seen enough data to back up that sex is important and pleasure is good for you. It's healthy. And I want to help people reclaim their eroticism after eons of having it repressed. I'm sure others may not find that a higher purpose, and to them, I say- get a vibrator. ;)

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