Santa's Helper!

So every holiday I participate in a group called Holiday Wishes, where people grant other people's wishes, from small to pipe dreams. And I thought- why not do this with my local community? Maybe it's crazy but like that ever stopped me ;)

So I'd like to hear from people up to 5 wishes they have for the holidays, whether that be that people support a charity, help them with a project, resource sharing or something else! I know a lot of us struggle over the holidays- maybe you need help with crafting presents, some new vegan recipes, or you want a little emotional boost via holiday cards. I want to help! Maybe you do too?

I think a lot of us, especially activist types, tend to feel guilty for asking for some help from other people. I want to help break that down a little so that we can start supporting each other.

I've got one thread on facebook, and I'm starting one here for non-FB folks. I'd like to keep it all in one thread so people can scan it and grant the wishes they feel moved to. And spread the love! Retweet, reblog, send people over here. Who knows what might happen?

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