Review: Wilde G1

A nicely curved cock is a good thing to have around. I have a lot of dildos around, but most of them have straight shafts, so when I saw the Wilde G1 at SheVibe, I knew I wanted to give it a go! How could I not when it's named after my favourite dandy?

At 6.5" by 1.5", this is a good size for harness play, though keep in mind that fatter lovers will subtract an inch or so on the length. I still found this to be a workable dildo for strapping it on! The gentle curve is perfect for either prostate play or g-spot stimulation. The silicone is firm, with just a little give to make it very pleasant to use.  The Wilde has a little bit of texture to it- undulations that offer a delicious sensation when rubbing inside you.

One thing I really liked about the Wilde G1 was the beautiful colour- this grayish dark lavender swirly pearlized pattern looks really unique and sexy. It's not super feminine, but not black or boring, either. There's also a chamber in the base for you to slip a vibrating bullet inside, if you're so inclined- if you put a little lube or cornstarch powder on the bullet before inserting it in, you can slide it out more easily later, so don't forget! Of course, with silicone, make sure not to use silicone lube and remember that you can boil your toy or put it in the top shelf of the dishwasher to keep it sterile.

Thank you Shevibe for sending me the Wilde G1 to play with- check out their various quality g-spot and p-spot toys! Also, they have a toy I have drooled over for a long time... a tentacle dildo. It's my birthday on Sunday, by the way...

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