Review: Wanda by Liberator

I love Liberator's sex furniture, and I find it really amazing for opening up possibilities in terms of positions during sexy play. I've loved the wedge and the ramp (which have found their way to multiple sex parties at this point!), I've loved my little Jaz cushion, and I cannot survive without my Liberator Throe! The cushioning is always so firm, surprisingly so when it holds up under the weight of two people, and being able to add restraint points has made them even more fun.

I'm also deeply in love with my Hitachi. It's a passionate love, and while I've tried other things, nothing compares to it. Nothing. Still, I do hurt my wrists pressing the Wand against my clit for a long period of time, so of course I wanted to check out the Liberator Wanda, a cushion that allows you to grind your clit against a wand vibrator. Yum.

The cushion is very good quality, the firm foam I've come to expect from Liberator and a washable cover in case you get it fluid-covered. The shape was really good too, and jutted the Hitachi out in just the right direction. Taking photos with it was uncomfortable, as I had to sit back on my heels more, but actually using it felt amazing.

You can either ride it, like I'm doing here, or grind against it in the other direction so that the Hitachi is against your clit while a lover eats your ass or fucks you from behind or maybe paddles you with a giant wooden paddle (if that's your thing). I personally didn't find it hard to work around my tummy or my thighs, but other people might. I will say that being on my knees was hard on them after 15 minutes or so, so do keep that in mind.

I feel like this would be really fun to use in front of a lover to put on a bit of a masturbation show. You can really grind against the toy! I felt the cushion held up to being sat on and staying firm and stabilizing. I kinda can't wait to give it a go with a lover, if I'm honest- if it's fun for masturbating I imagine it'll be even better when it's double the fun!

The Wanda's effectiveness will depend on how specific you are about genital stimulation. If you tend to need a certain angle, or a certain pressure, it may be too difficult to maintain while also kneeling upright.  Check out their Position Guide for more ideas!

Thank you so much Liberator for sending me this in exchange for an honest review! Buy your own here!

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