Review: Excite Butler Boxer Briefs from Lovehoney

Finding sexy underwear for men can be a bit of a hassle. A lot of the options out there are either over-the-top (which I like, but maybe not every day) or so hopelessly sad they look like novelties from the 70s.

Lovehoney heard my prayers and sent me a pair of the Butler Boxer Briefs from Excite. These were much more my cup of tea for my gaze- tidy, cute, themed, not ridiculous. The material is stretchy (good, cause they're one size fits most) and my partner says they're comfortable, if a bit big. With a 34" hip, he felt like they rode kind of high on his body.

My pair showed up with a button missing- I didn't mind, personally, but if that happens to you Lovehoney has a no questions asked guarantee on their products for 100 days after purchase. You can pretty much experiment with stuff you find at Lovehoney, because it's risk free- if you don't like it, send it back. I don't know another company who does that!

As someone who has a particular kink for service, these were super cute. They're machine washable,  soft to the touch, and butt hugging in a particularly nice way. I'd definitely recommend these, though I think they'd best fit someone size 35-26. For $23, you want them to fit nicely! I think if you were a size up from my partner, these would cling to your junk in a very appealing way. They'd also look really good for a person wearing a packer...

Thank you Lovehoney for sending me a pair in exchange for an honest and fair review! Buy your own set here!

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