Review: Ultimate Blindfold

I love sensory deprivation, both giving and receiving. I often close my eyes during sex, and have to reassure my lovers it's not because I don't find them attractive, but because denying myself that sense allows me to feel everything more, to really be in my body. But I'm picky about my blindfolds- the ones that Virgin Atlantic give you just won't do.

So imagine my excitement when Axovus said I could review their Ultimate Blindfold, a beautiful leather blindfold that blocks out light really, really well and is super comfy! That said, these photos are not the best ever... blindfolding yourself and then attempting to take Myspace photos is pretty difficult, as I'm sure you can imagine.

The blindfold is really nifty as it buckles on both sides, allowing for quite a bit of adjustment to get a good fit. There's also this nice double strap in the back to support your head and keep the blindfold on, which is a brilliant idea. It's made with leather with neoprene for a soft, cushiony and lightproof seal.

Did I mention that you can remove the liner and wash it? Cause you can! It's attached by velcro to make cleaning a breeze.

I generally like to blindfold people because then they can't see me take off the high heeled boots, fix a cup of tea, or drop the flogger. Gotta maintain that Domme reputation after all, right?

I personally enjoy the sensation of being blindfolded as it's a very comfortable restraint for me and I enjoy the sense of calm I feel when wearing a good blindfold. Granted, sometimes I'm so calm I fall asleep... but then, that makes a blindfold even better as the other person can't tell. ;) I kid, I kid, but the Ultimate Blindfold was super nice. I liked that I had room to open my eyes if I wanted, thanks to the design.

I pulled this out during my Crash Pad shoot as a great way to help my costar focus on the sensations I was giving her... along with disorienting her a bit, making the power switchup a little more interesting. If you have a self-conscious lover interested in kink, blindfolds are perfect because they focus less on what to look at and how they look and just melt into their body and their experience. How could you not love it?

Too bad I can't bring this on the plane... necessarily. Hmm...

Thanks Axovus for sending me the Ultimate Blindfold in exchange for an honest review!

(Also, while you're on their site, check out their other stuff- their steampunkish goggles blindfold is fabulous!)

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