Review: "Tight Places: A Drop of Color"

“Tight Places: A Drop of Color” is so incredibly hot. Porn showing queers of colour going at it with each other- how could you go wrong? I know one of my friends in London will really, really like the combination of diversity and queerness- but he'll just have to wait, as I'm not giving this up anytime soon!

I loved that the first scene with the amazingly sexy newcomer Brooklyn has Vai so wet she’s dripping, literally, all over the ground. Copious amounts of whimpering and squirt started this off on the right note, for sure. Yum. Add to that the playfulness and sweetness of Akira and Kohen, and then all the combos in between, and you have a really sexy porn with lots of delicious queer fucking.

I was really impressed with the chemistry the couples had with each other. Hearing them giggling and moaning interchangeably  was a huge turn on for me, and reflects sex I enjoy having and watching. I also really enjoyed the moments where the stars introduce themselves and say a bit about their experience with porn- it’s a nice way to connect with the people you’re watching.

The other thing I liked was the dose of kink- like when Vai is being fingerfucked by Brookyn while her face is in the toilet. Mmm. And I liked the tattoos and piercing- it really was a hot group of people. It did that thing I love in porn- made me feel like I was watching an intimate moment between a couple who really loved having sex with each other. I’m very glad to add this gem to my collection of queer smut.

Interested? You should be! Check it out at Good Vibrations, where you can get the DVD or download it straight to your computer, for my UK/European friends.

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