Review: The Understudy kit

With the boy and I having to spend extended periods of time away from each other, he decided the thing to do would be to buy one of the Understudy kits from Good Vibrations. How romantic, right? A carbon copy of your lover's cock to use while apart. Awww!

Well, it's not as easy as you think. I kinda wish I had photos of our epic fail at this kit. We tried to make it work twice and failed- the first time we messed up the powder so ordered more, the second time we screwed up the timing.

Do not underestimate this kit, it works QUICKLY and you will very likely fuck it up once or twice! Between the pressure your lover feels to stay very erect while sticking his cock in weird goo, and the fact you have to mix the powder with the perfect temperature of water at just the right time before he sticks his cock in... it's kind of a mad rush!

Plus there's nothing as non-sexy as trying to get the temperature of the water just right while your lover tries to wank to stay erect and you're panicking cause the thermometer has disappeared. We actually had a massive argument over it once and, frustrated, we put the kit aside for a while.

Then we did what any couple in our position would do...

We asked a cute friend to come over for dinner and a playdate, and then begged for extra hands. Clever, no?

It worked, though! While I got the formula set just right, our date played with the boy, keeping him interested and erect while I fussed. She was able to move a towel under the boy's feet so the splashing of the plaster didn't get on the carpet. Plus, it was kind of hot to be committing science wit another bespectacled geek! I liked coming upstairs to them playing a bit together, and the boy was certainly happy to be the center of attention.

Once we had gotten the sexy part taken care of, and the weird bit of sticking your hard cock into a tube filled with plaster, we waited for the goo to set into a weird-smelling gelatin. Be sure your partner is ready to experience splosh, cause that's what it feels like- lukewarm splosh. After it had set (2 hours total), we could pour in the elastomer (we got "vanilla" to make the dildo. Then it's a 24 hour wait for it to set, and voila! You now have your lover's cock to enjoy how and whenever you want to. Hurray for science!

We didn't put the vibe in it. I think generally you have to, though, as the middle didn't solidify completely. It was a little bubbly and has some nubs on it- not unusable, certainly, but I use it with a condom to be on the safe side. It does feel nice though, and god, it made me realize how much I miss the boy's thick, uncut cock. Like, a lot.

One thing I regret about this kit even after I got the hang of it was that there was no way to add a harness compatible end to it so I could wear it in a harness. That would be my ideal situation as I really want to make him suck his own cock and fuck him up the ass with it.

What're my tips for success?

Get extra powder, for sure. Read all the instructions at least twice. Make sure you put down a towel, and probably bring a friend to ease the process along. If it's not fun anymore, put it aside and try again. And make sure you have EVERYTHING you need before you start!

Even though this was a little complicated, I love having a copy of the boy's cock, as you can see here. In a way, this is also a review for that! I'd give this 4 stars out of 5, simply because of the difficulty juggling all the information and activities, but also how awesome the cock was when we finished.

Due to the nature of this toy, I would consider and treat it as a one-person toy, as it's porous.

The boy bought me the Understudy for Christmas- you can get one yourself at Good Vibrations!

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