Review: the Rippler

I'm really into strap on play, but I have a tendency to stick to toys that fit me well, just in case. I've started to branch out to have more of a comprehensive collection, but for the longest time I'd stick with toys at most 6" long. I've been known to open my eyes really wide and back away from huge dildos. What's the opposite of a size queen? Yeah, I'm that.

However, I have lovers who don't feel quite as nervous around a big cock, so for them I braved the Rippler from Good Vibrations... and was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was.

I'm still a little scared of it though!

The Rippler is a big toy. 7 1/2", with incredible texture that feels like you're being inserted over and over again. 1 3/4" wide, it's a toy that you will feel very aware is being used on you. There's 6 ripples in it all the way down the shaft, with one side more pronounced than the other.

It's pretty firm, so I'd personally use this as a second or third toy. You might want a warm up or it might feel a bit rough. And use plenty of lube to help it along- I personally preferred a thicker gel lube opposed to a thinner creamier one, but your mileage may vary on that front.

You can definitely use this with a harness, but you may need a larger O ring to fit it. I could just about fit it in my Joque.

I only tried this vaginally, but I'm curious to see how the boy will handle it anally. I suspect he'd really enjoy the texture and roughness of it. Whoever you play with, go slow at first and let them build up to it, as it's really unexpected how significant the texture is until you feel it internally!

Being a silicone toy, the usual care and feeding applies- toy cleaner, soap and hot water, boiling, top rack of the dishwasher, probably safe to share between partners if you clean it properly.

I like the Rippler, though I think for me it's more of a specialty toy for when I'm with someone who likes it a bit rougher. Do you like it rough? Try the Rippler for yourself via Good Vibrations!

Thanks GV for sending me this toy in exchange for a fair and honest review!

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