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I didn't think any porn could possibly beat out my current favourite, "Post Apocalyptic Cowgirls" (which is overdue for a review itself actually) but "Sugar High Glitter City" is FUCKING AMAZING.

To give you an idea, I have a history with this porn. I've meant to see it for years and years but could never find it, to my distress! It's really hard to track down, cause it's from 2001 and it's queer porn. But I finally bought it about two months ago, and just got to watch it today. God do I love it.

The story is that it's the future, and sugar is outlawed. The black market for sugar sees all sorts of behaviour from candy-addicted dykes, from corrupt cops aching for a fix to candy hos of all genders trying to get just one more pixie stick. There's a born-again sweets addict who turns away from it only to return to the clutches of the sugarcane. It's a somewhat dark and twisted plot, which is exactly why I enjoyed it so much.

There's so much glitter, for a start, and the costumes are awesome. Everyone wears some glitter it seems, which makes this into a glam rock fuckfest. There's bellies, asses juggling, squirting, drag kings and butches and femmes a-plenty. I loved the power dynamics. I loved the narration that kept the minimal storyline together. I loved that all the performers had candy-themed names- Salt Taffy, Honey Dew, Rock Candy, Crem de la Marmalade. I loved the dirty talk, the giggling, the shuddering orgasms.

I really loved the whole sex worker dynamic in this too, even though it's sleazy- it's so camp that I feel like I can enjoy it without feeling politically conflicted. And god, the sex was rough and desperate and so fucking sexy- the threesome with one of the corrupt cops fucking Cherry Glaze as she licks Honey Dew's cunt is just gorgeous. This was lesbian porn the way I want to see it. How did it take me so long??

Also, um... yeah. Was delighted by the daddy/girl dirty talk with a boi hustler and a femme client.

It's a dreamy porn with a great soundtrack, not overly produced but gritty as it should be. There's all sorts of diversity, different ethnicities, different body types, different ways of expressing gender. I feel like there wasn't a strict script which meant the dialogue was allowed to go the way they wanted it to, which made the scenes even better.

The only thing I didn't like was that this was a short porn (granted, among the first of its kind!) only being about 1 hour 13 minutes. I wanted to have more of it. Maybe I'm addicted to the sugar high of this glitter city. Please can haz a sequel?!?

Along with the porn, there's a segment of "How to Pick Up Girls", some outtakes, previews of "Hard Love/How to Fuck in High Heels" and "Bend Over Boyfriend" (1&2). There's a sex ed segment about talking dirty, too, which made me laugh because of the way it's presented- playful and fun.

I bought my copy from Good Vibrations, though it no longer appears to be on their site. If you'd like to see this for yourself, check out Passionate VOD. Well worth the money for sure!

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