Review: "The Curse of MacBeth"

I got “The Curse of Macbeth” in the mail from Good Vibrations about 15 minutes ago and had to pop it in immediately.
Holy fuck I’m glad I did.
As a girl who prefers women but likes boys sometimes too, the first scene, with not three but five witches was brilliant, especially as they included the sexy Lilla Kat and Raina DeGrey. They of course chant “double double toil and trouble” and then decide to cause some trouble by dragging a hot, naked, emo Macbeth up onto the bed by his hair. Not that he seems to mind! While four of the witches entertain each other with some lovely finger action, one witch focuses on Macbeth- tracing a knife along his skin (including his cock and balls), which is TOTALLY MY KINK OMG, then some waxplay, followed by some hot fucking and him jerking off into a bowl which he then drinks out of. Then they rub his leftover cum and the wax into his skin.
Was this specifically made for me?
Madison Young makes an incredibly hot scheming Lady Macbeth, telling him to slap her face. Oh yum. I did laugh when she says “yeah, take that throne, take it!” I doubt that’s exactly what Shakespeare had in mind, but hey, he’s not going to see it. ;-) The sex scene she has with Kade is just super hot, with her being a pushy bottom for sure. It’s lovely to see, and features more than one of my own favourite sex positions- you’ll just have to watch to figure out which!
Then, Lady Macbeth poisons Banquo, James Mogul from Training of O fame, and while he lies there, unmoving, she pulls his trousers down and sucks his cock like a mad thing. Then she crawls on top of his unresponsive form and fucks him passionately, quoting paraphrased Shakespeare all the while. Did I mention these two are real life lovers? It just makes this scene endlessly hotter. And just in case he’s still alive, she stabs him, proceeding to lick the blood off the knife. MADE FOR ME.
The doctor, kink.com’s Maestro, and the nurse, Tina Horn, decide that Lady Macbeth is obviously crazy and so ignore her mumbling about “that damn spot” and wandering around, getting down to some business of their own. Spanking, hair pulling, rough play… oh, this was a lovely scene. “Yes Doctor” is a phrase I like to hear. It seemed a little out of nowhere in terms of the story, but was still pretty hot. Watching Tina’s ass jiggle as she gets fucked is, today, on my list of top things I’ve seen in porn. Yum. And watching her drive a tiny car over Madison’s skin is hilarious and makes me want to do it sometime to the boy.
It ends with Macbeth coming in on his Lady having hung herself from the guilt of her murder. I’ll admit, I did wonder if he was going to pull her down and there was going to be a sex scene #5, but no. Maybe that’d have been too far. :-P
In summary, I loved this porn. I think it’d appeal to people who enjoy porn with plot, or just really hot kinky scenes. I am definitely going to watch this again, and definitely encourage others to check it out. Can I give 6 stars for a porn review?
You can pick “The Curse of Macbeth” up at Good Vibrations, or, if you’d prefer it sooner and/or a region 1 DVD wouldn’t work or you (take note, my British friends!) you can also get it in multiple formats for your laptop or iTunes. Watch this. It’s beautiful. And hey, it’s Shakespeare, right? It’s CULTURE.

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