Giving Thanks

I have a lot to be thankful for. I always do, whether I see it or not. Here's a brief reminder:
-My grandmother is healthy, as are my cats
-I have a boyfriend who loves me, and is willing to work with me, and even distance hasn't broken us
-My family and friends like him, and his family likes me (which still amazes me)
-My parents and I have a great relationship, now, and can at last be friends
-I have a brilliant relationship with my ex C, and he's still a big, awesome, fun part of my life
-I have a huge number of friends all over the world who love me, and I them
-I've met new friends and lovers this year who are an amazing part of my life
-I have a job I'm good at and enjoy, and clients that inspire me
-I have food, and a roof over my head, and money in my pocket
-When I've needed help- legal, financial, emotional, shelter, logistical, whatever- it's been provided in abundence
-I'm often in a position to offer myself and my skills to others when they need it
-I was able at long last (and to the relief of my friends) able to let go of an unhealthy relationship (Sh), and finally severed the cord
-I will soon be divorced and able to start over with my life in a healthier way
-I have a great crew of friends who have totally made my dream of Kinky Salon London a brilliant reality
-I'm getting recognition for the work I do, and becoming pretty successful
-I'm getting paid to write, a dream of mine forever! And this month an article of mine will be in Filament magazine, my first magazine. :)
That's a small sampler. There's so much more, from little things to huge things. 

But I want to take time now to really say to my friends (and if you're reading this, you're a friend)- I love you. And thank you for being there, in every way. Thanks for calling me on my shit, and for forgiving me when I fuck up. You help me become a better person.

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