Review: The Captain

So after the First Mate, I wanted to get my hands on the next big thing- the Captain dildo from Good Vibrations, which they kindly sent my way for review.

The Captain is a big boy. A very big boy for someone like me who has a love of thickness but a shallow vaginal canal!

At 7 1/2" long, and 1 7/8" girth, this is not a beginners toy. This is for someone who is, maybe not a size queen, but a size princess. Use a water-based lube and take your time. If you do, you'll be very glad you did.

The Captain was fantastic for stimulating my g-spot. I squirted all over my bed as I thrust it into myself, and squirting is a good sign of a great toy. Just the right balance of firm but not too firm to rub my g-spot til I couldn't see anymore.

No, that's not why I wear glasses (well, maybe... I'm still waiting on hairy palms, though, I think they'd be fun!)

It's a nice, firm silicone with some beautiful veiny texture that makes for a really nice fuck. And the weight is substantial- I really liked the feel of it in my hand. In a harness it's a little heavy, but not too much to wear comfortably. I personally wouldn't pack with it though because of the size!

I'd recommend the Captain for vaginal and anal play, though take it slowly and use lots of lube. I liked it vaginally at the end of a masturbation session- I doubt I would've been able to handle it until after an orgasm, but then, it's heavenly. I'm hoping to get a chance to open the boy's ass up enough to take a bigger cock, and this may well be the one I choose! The defined head would suggest it'd be great for p-spot stimulation.

Care instructions! As per usual, silicone means no silicone lubricant or you can ruin the dildo. It can be washed with toy cleaner, the top rack of the dishwasher, or hot water and soap.

I chose a black one, but they come in vanilla, caramel and chocolate as well if you want something a little more realistic.

The Captain is a great dildo for those who want to go a little bigger. It's not over the top, but a really pleasurable balance of length and width.

Thank you Good Vibes for letting me review the Captain in exchange for an honest review!

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