Review: Tenga Egg

I know it's a bit strange to be a woman reviewing a men's masturbation toy, but you haven't met the Tenga Egg yet. If it wasn't for the lovely SubMission, I might not have been excited to give it a go. But thanks to her review, I thought I'd give it a go. Why?

Cause it comes in 6 different textured styles. And cause it can go on top of your Hitachi.

Yeah, basically, this is a brilliant magic wand cover made of elastomer. Technically it's for one use, but if you take good care of it, wash it well, and don't let your boyfriend steal it as a sleeve for him, you should be able to enjoy it for a while. It fits easily over the head of the Hitachi and gives the vibration a softer feel- not too gentle, but not rough on your clit, either. Very nice indeed.

Thanks to Good Vibrations, I tried the Wave style Tenga Egg. It was so innocently presented in a plastic egg- my grandma was all intrigued by it. "Oh, Kitty, you got a present! What is it?" After thinking for a while I went with the truth- "it's a sex toy, grandma." She didn't ask any further. However, this means that if you have such an egg hanging around your house, no one will think much of it- certainly no one would think it's a sex toy, so, it's discreet!

As a toy for the Hitachi, I found it pleasant against the skin, easy to put on and take off, and easy to clean. It definitely added a little something different to my masturbation, which is nice. I'm still in mourning for my poor late Wahl coil, which died, much to my dismay, after a particularly rough clit-rubbin' session. I love that the Wahl had multiple heads for different sensations, and particularly liked the suction cup one. The Tenga egg helped me recover from that loss, because it's opened up one thing I really like in a vibrator- variety. With 5 more textures to experience, I'll be kept pretty busy!

Deciding to let the boy try it for it's intended use, I gave it over to him. It took a bit of explaining, but he added some lube and wanked away. "Initially I was skeptical, but found it was pretty nice- it's soft, so I got to maintain a pretty tight pressure while still having that soft feeling. Though," he adds, "it's not going to replace my hand for all future masturbation sessions." So, again, if you seek variety, check one of these out.

I did make him clean it up after though. I plan to enjoy it again on my wand!

Give the Tenga a go here!

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