Review: SpankSticks (with Meet the Mayhems)

I love hitting people with things (consensually of course!) and am always keeping my eye open for the next fun hitty implement. I have paddles and tawses, toys made of leather, rope, latex and recycled bike tires. But what I really like, more than anything else, is canes. Lovely lovely canes, with those beautiful pink marks that raise so prettily on an upturned bottom!

Even better when they're as fabulous as these canes I got to review from SpankSticks, a relatively new company out in Denmark that turns out some beautiful work. I received a collection of seven canes, some carbon fiber cores, some fiberglass cores, some plastic cores, all coated elegantly in black latex. When I got them, though, I realized that I'd need some help reviewing them, as I can't cane myself and take photos at the same time! Thankfully, Maggie and Ned Mayhem from Meet the Mayhems were happy to step in and let me take photos of them trying these canes out, much to my delight.

So the canes range in size from 35-75cm in length, and from a whopping 10mm down to a wee 2mm in thickness. Ideal for a sadist like me, who enjoys variety and matching toys; my selection had the thick 10mm plastic core cane, which was nice and heavy with a great thud to it, and the 2mm carbon fiber cored one, which was like a magic wand of stingy, instant-mark evil. Yum yum yum! Maggie and Ned actually started a bit of a sexy party with their playful antics using these canes (we had gone to a friend's house for a BBQ dinner) and the play went on into the night. It was pretty hot really, and while it may not ENTIRELY be to the credit of the canes, I think they helped everything along. As well as the fact that such a sexy couple were switching and giggling as they took turns caning each other, that didn't hurt (or maybe it did?)

Maggie started with just fondling the SpankSticks, before having Ned pull his jeans down to expose his ass for some preliminary whacks. She also liked rolling them over his nipples and skin- the latex drags a bit over the skin, providing an interesting sensation that can be velvety soft or pull each tiny hair, depending on how you use it. Pulling down his jeans in the front, she pulled out his cock to give it some light taps as he closed his eyes and smiled. The smaller length canes are perfect for intimate work like around genitals or nipples, as they're very easy to control. Ned's feet even got caned! Bastinado is something I've always been curious about but a little scared to try properly- still, he seemed to enjoy it. Maybe I should give it a go on my boy... he likes being a little pain slut for me after all!

Then it got to be Maggie's turn for some SpankStick time so she wriggled over Ned's lap for a few blows of her own. I liked how the marks showed up fairly quickly and imagine the fact these are latex covered added a bit of sting and helped the marks along. With seven canes to choose from, no one got out of this shoot without a reddened and warmed ass. Well, it was a BBQ after all, right?

Because these are latex canes, you might not want to use them if you have a latex allergy. Wearing gloves can make it possible for you to use them as a top, though, depending on how severe your allergy is.

As for the biggest and hardest question- which canes to pick? The plastic cored canes had less flex to them, so better for the thuddy fan in your life, while the fiberglass was super flexy, making a great swish through the air when swung. The carbon fiber is where my heart lies though, with a nice flick to it that puts fear in my boy's eyes. I can't wait for him to come from the UK in November so I can introduce him to my little carbon fiber beauties. It makes my blood sing.

There were lots of sexy photos taken, and I wish I had space to post them all. Maybe if you're very lucky you'll get to see some caning at Threshold this weekend, where I'll be bringing my SpankSticks for their first Night Out in Style (oh yeah, and teaching a spanking workshop!)

Want your own? Go over to the SpankSticks website and collect a few! Want to see more of Maggie and Ned? Go visit their site and hear some toy reviews, see some porn, and just enjoy the words and photos of a couple very much in love and lust.

Thank you so much, SpankSticks, for letting me try out your fabulous canes! It was awesome and I'll be bringing them everywhere- particularly my little carbon fiber wand-cane.

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