Review: Solar Bullet

I'm not the biggest hippie in the world, but this is probably one of the niftiest ideas I've seen- a bullet vibe that's solar powered, from Babeland.

It's funny, really- I got this toy right when the fog rolled in for the winter. Oh, irony, to have a solar bullet and no sun!

Thankfully, there were a couple of days of sun tucked away in there, so I got a chance to charge up this little toy and give it a whirl. I was really curious- I love the idea of sustainable toys, whether they be rechargeable via the wall or from catching some rays. Plus, I enjoy camping, go to Burning Man and related events, and love sex outside, so what could be better?

You can, of course, just charge the solar panel in your car, say, without anyone ever knowing that you plan to wank with that power later. Yes, the vibration is very buzzy, which isn't my favorite type of vibration, but it will work really well on a tied up helpless boy. Thankfully I often have one of those around, with very sensitive nipples and an even more sensitive cock head.

I definitely recommend this solar bullet vibe to anyone who likes a faster, lighter buzz sensation! Get one at Babeland for your green, tree-hugging lover.

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