Review: "Roulette"

 We also got "Roulette" at the same time as "Glamazons", reviewed in the previous post- and, well, we had to stop watching "Roulette" multiple times throughout to have some hot sex of our own.
If the boy's response to "Glamazons" was a shrug and a "meh", his response to "Roulette" was "woooooo!" "I liked it," he just said in a petulant voice as I teased him while writing this review, "I liked the variety, I liked how you weren't sure what was coming next." And that pretty much sums up this video.
With some hot gay punks going at it on a rooftop, a girl covering herself in milk in her kitchen, and a femme-initiated gangbang on a pool table, this was a porn video I would wank to. It was playful, it was real sex between people who liked having sex with each other, and it was deliciously queer in every sense. A hot mix of bodies and scenes, with some masturbation scenes to go with the couples and moresomes, made for a mix that quite rightfully earned this porn 2009 Feminist Porn Awards Most Diverse Film. Also, the soundtrack was rockin', which is likely why it ended up nominated in the AVN Awards for Best Music Soundtrack. 

So, while "Glamazons" didn't particularly stroke us the right way, "Roulette" was one we'll be taking out for sexyfuntimes. See for yourself which you like better at Good Vibrations, where you can get these and other videos as a DivX download, stream-to-own, or loads of other ways. You won't be getting porn of this quality down in Soho, so check it out online!

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