Review: Love Bump

I love sticking things in boybutts. Love it! There's something about watching them lose all control over their movement, volume and power of speech that just makes me feel... well, really pleased with myself, actually!

So when MyPleasure asked if I could review a couple of their anal toys, I recruited a helper and went right to work. I'm that dedicated to my work. Aren't you proud? ;)

This is Part 1. Part 2 is here.

This first toy is the strangely-ray-gun-shaped Love Bump. I really want to make a holster for it, particularly a garter one- how fun would that be at a party? It's a lovely blue silicone, 4 1/2" long (about 3" insertable length) and about 1" around- a great starter toy for a boy whose eyes widen a little when he proposes anal and you say "you first". That little handle is the perfect size for a large bullet, too, if you want to make it vibrate.

The weird tail on the end is odd, but not personally off-putting. I kind of liked flicking it when the toy was in to make it vibrate. So did my demo bottom, who did not want to give this one up! I really like the handle on it, too, as it meant lube-y fingers could still easily manipulate the toy. There's some texture on the handle too that can add some extra stimulation.

You could use this vaginally, but I don't think the bumps work as well over the clit as they do on the perineum. For $15, though, I think this is a STEAL when it comes to silicone toys. It's perfect for massaging the prostate and it's easy to thrust in. Because of the ease of the handle I think people who have disabilities that make finger manipulation difficult could still easily use this toy, which is a win.

I got this as part of the Intermediate Anal Pleasure Kit, by the way, which has 3 silicone plugs and a small waterbased lubricant- you save $50 on it, so really, it's a steal!

Thanks MyPleasure for the chance to try out some toys in exchange for a fair review!

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