Review: Little Death Ray

So I was quite lucky and managed to get my gloved hands on a Little Death Ray- a steampunk-themed vibrator that's pistol shaped. Made by a carnal craftswoman going by Lady Clankington, this beauty was one toy I just had to have. I mean, I love steampunk, and I love sex, so how could I go wrong? I needed something to replace the hole in my heart caused by the fact I will never own an actual steam powered vibrator. I'm more accustomed to ones run on bottled lightning, as the boy puts it.

I ordered this before Burning Man, and was very happy to have it waiting for me when I got home. Taking it out of the box, it looks really nifty. I particularly like little details- you unscrew the halves to access the vibe if you need to clean it or change batteries, which is clever and keeps it sturdy. The website shows you how to do this before you order it, too, so you know what you're doing. Also, it has a teeny compass on the handle end, which is just, well, cute. And it looks lovely. You could leave this out as a piece of art, easily.  

As for the vibrator itself, it's got a good kick to it. I'm glad they made it a hefty sized pistol, as a smaller vibrator generally makes the sensation too buzzy and irritating for me. This was just right for clitoral stimulation. And, hell, I love gun play, so this is like a safer, sexy way to introduce that in a roleplay sense. And actually, the shape made it easier for me to use against my clit- never mind the obvious fun of pointing it directly at the boy's balls. Zzzzzzap!

I'm eager to dress up steampunk for Folsom this year mainly so I can show it off.

They come in gunmetal or bronze- they're made of acrylic, and each is individually altered. They all have numbers, too, 1-100- I got 9, my lucky number, so yay for me! The site says it's waterproof, though I haven't tested that yet. And if you get into too many duals with your weapon, never fear- you can get a replacement barrel in the right color. 

Not as into the vibrator thing? Well, soon enough there will also be a Butt Rogers Uranium Pistol which I can't wait to see! As the photo promises, it looks to be a thing of beauty much like the Little Death Ray. The triggers are non functional though- which is probably good because that makes them both easier to clean and less likely to break.

These awesome toys are all hypo-allergenic, phthalate free, latex free, and made of food-grade materials only. They also reassure us that Lady Clankington herself has tested the designs and they are functional and well-designed. 

They've already gotten some ::cough:: buzz online, so check out what other people are saying about them. I'm certainly looking forward to what other Carnal Curiosities might be down the line! I'm hoping for some holsters.

Til then, I may need to supplement my kinky steampunk kit with these beautiful cuffs and harnesses from Project Transaction, found at Wicked Grounds...

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