Review: Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo, Black Label

I am normally pretty quick about reviews here at Purrversatility, but I've had one glorious product I've, erm, tried out, but not gotten to review yet, simply because I was waiting for someone else to come help me take photos of it.

Not that size matters, but this baby is rather big for me to take myspace photos!

However, at last I got fed up with waiting. And long overdue, here is my review of the fabulous Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo, Black Label, which I won from Babeland a while ago in a contest. They have been remarkably patient with me about it, for which I have to say a grateful thank you.

I had promised that if I won this toy I would take photos of me with it outside in my back garden, which sounded easy but ended up involving a lot of wrangling! The next door neighbor's dog was very confused as I did my little pinup shoot outside, but it was a gorgeous day for it.

Anyway, Liberator is known for making excellent, sturdy sex furniture. I used to have their Jaz cushion, a cute little version of the wedge that was nice but a little small for my *ahem* ample hips. Winning the wedge/ramp was like a dream come true for me! Not only is it two great pieces of comfortable sex cushioning, but it's also got some fun extras, which I'll get to in a bit.

The Wedge/Ramp Combo comes with the Ramp, a cushion that's 24" x 30" x 12". It's a big baby! This means that it offers some real support, whether you use it as a person with a disability to ease comfort during sexual activity, or for some sexy fat sex positions, or to try out some crazy kama sutra thing you don't have the flexibility for otherwise. I personally think it'd be great for threesomes, allowing for some comfortable oral while being fucked.

Then there's the smaller Wedge, a respectable 24" x 14" x 7". The Wedge is really great for tilting the pelvis for various sexual positions, making for easier access for anal play or doggy style sex, or making for a more comfortable experience when receiving oral.

Because of the material covering both of these cushions, a plush microfiber, they have some friction and so stick together remarkably well, making it possible to use both cushions in a variety of ways. You can be as creative as you like (and I can be really creative!)

The water-resistant cover on the cushion is easy to unzip and remove so you can machine-wash it, handy for people who are squirters (like I am!) I also like that I can just tuck them in the corner of my room and they don't look like sex furniture unless you know what they are- I just tell people that they're for yoga.

But that's not all!

These two pieces also come with some extra clip ons- a sex of 4 cuffs, a blindfold, and some extra tethers to add length when you need it for the cuffs. This version of the Wedge/Ramp Combo has clips on it for that you can use it for bondage, along with the usual uses. Yay!

The cuffs are vegan, soft, with a cute leopard print and Velcro fasteners that are surprisingly sturdy. They've got a lot of flexibility so are appropriate for everything from the slimmest wrist to the sturdiest ankle. You could experiment with using them for biceps, too, though thighs will likely be too big for them to handle! The blindfold is nicely padded and super comfortable, so you can restrain your lover on one of these luxurious cushions and please or torture them as you see fit. This makes the Wedge or the Ramp ideal for spanking, caning, or sensation play. Yum. And it also have 2 cuff connectors (to link your wrists and ankles to each other), 4 extenders (for more freedom of movement) and 2 tethers (for additional creativity). It's a complete mini-dungeon in one package!

Can I also just say well done Liberator for having a video of a female Dominant partner restraining her male submissive partner on these? Awesomesauce!

This black label Wedge/Ramp Combo is something I can't wait to get to know better. I think it'll be my new pickup line- "hey, wanna come to mine and check out my Liberator shapes?" I'm desperately sad I can't take these with me to Massachusetts! I definitely recommend these to anyone who would benefit from more comfortable body positioning, or for people who like to fuck outside (because the covers are washable and it makes sex outdoors very lush).

Thank you so much Babeland for giving me the opportunity to win this!

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