review: Good Clean Love

As the boy used to be vegan, and friends and sweeties of mine similarly prefer vegan, latex-safe, silicone safe, glycerin free stuff, I find myself looking for new lubes that fit the bill. Sometimes I prefer a more liquid one, sometimes I want something a bit thicker, particularly for anal play.

Well, I got to try out a new lube to me- Good Clean Love, which is vegan, thicker, and contains no petrochemicals, no parabens, and no glycerin.

It's clear, and mine had a nice light scent to it- lavender rose. It says that one is lightly flavoured- I can't say I tasted it myself, but I also appreciated that it didn't smell bad or taste awful. I also really liked the thickness of the lubricant- I used it for masturbating with my hitachi, but I think it would be equally pleasurable for anal play, and it's nice having a lube you can use for both!

It's a good lube to try with people who have sensitivities as most potential irritants/allergens are absent in it.

Only complaint? I wish it came in a pump bottle. That's probably the only fault I found with Good Clean Love- it comes in a flit top bottle, which means lube-y hands trying to open it mid-play, potentially. Otherwise I think it's a great lubricant- and water based, so if it gets sticky, just spit on it. ;)

Feel it for yourself at Good Vibrations!

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