Review: Frisky from the Bzzz Buddies

Novelty vibrators are kind of a favourite of mine- having already reviewed the "Man Eater from Outer Space" and the silicone rose vibrator, I was excited to give Frisky from the Bzzz Buddies a go when Good Vibes offered to send me it!

Basically, Frisky is a pocket rocket with a cute top- kind of like the Hello Kitty vibrator, mixed with the Littlest Pet Shop. I mean, look at those eyes!

I love pocket rocket style vibrators generally- they're small, they're uncomplicated, and they do the job (the vibration on these babies are pretty intense for the size!)

Plus, they only take one AA battery, which is nice if you (like me) never know where you put the batteries. A rechargeable battery (like a USB one) would make this a pretty ecologically sound toy, and great for travel.

Frisky comes with 4 interchangeable plastic tops to put on the end, along with the usual 3 metal bumps. Not all of the tops are ideal for use on the pink bits, but they'd be great for massage use, especially underneath the shoulder blades.

The Bzzz Buddies all come with a rounded tip, a tip with six flat bumps, a tip with a few pointy bits and a tip with many pointy bits. Of all of these, I personally preferred using this toy without the caps, just the metal bumps against my clitoris, though everyone has different things they enjoy and it's fun to try a few different sensations.

Of course, you can also turn tis toy upside down and use the cat end for stimulation instead- I preferred the back of the head,, though delicate application of the ears could give some really precise pinpoint sensation.

Frisky is made of pink ABS plastic, but from personal experience these are not the easiest toys to clean in spite of being non-porous because of the various seams and crannies. A toy cleaner or toy cleaning wipes will be the best way to keep them tidy for the next use. Being plastic, however, means you can use any sort of lubricant with it, which is nice if going from using it as a massage toy to a genital one in the same session!

You only get one vibration speed with this toy- it's on, off, or open to get at the battery- but the vibration is pretty powerful for such a small toy. I would rate it a 3, 3 1/2 out of 5.

Now, at first glance, this is a great toy to give to someone who is intimidated by sex toys- it wouldn't be too unwieldy to use with a partner, it's unthreatening, not phallic, and good, middling vibration to experiment with. But there's one issue with that.


Look at the eyes!

You're just finding your own business, having a nice wank, when you look down between your legs to see the SADDEST EYES EVER looking at you mournfully, as if saying "why? why do you do this to me?"


Here's a close-up of those sparkly sad anime eyes.

It's a little... disturbing, actually. The boy couldn't even meet those eyes! But I'm obviously a sick twisted person because I didn't let that stop me at all. I'm going to burn in hell, obviously.

But, if you live with other people, the size, quietness, and, well, gosh darn cuteness of the Frisky Bzzz Buddy makes it a reasonable purchase, especially if you want a vibrator that can be used seriously but be taken less seriously- like for a bridal shower, say.

And there's other animals, too! I was hoping they would have Inkee the Octopus (on the Bzzz Buddies site) but no, that's apparently in the works. Til then, there's Shivers the polar bear if the cat Frisky doesn't strike your fancy.

A pocket rocket was my first vibrator, and I recommend them for people new to vibrators, who travel a fair bit, or who enjoy having things that're cutesy. I really like mine for the possibilities of introducing it into Daddy/little girl play, personally!

This toy is also supposedly waterproof, though I'm a little nervous taking it into the water. I'd suggest considering it a water resistant toy instead, potentially usable in a shower but maybe not in the bathtub.

Also keep in mind that you can use this toy with an attachment like a bunny sleeve, which allows for a really nice sensation all around the clitoris. I store mine in a little black baggie, which then allows me to keep all the ends in with it and my bunny sleeve.

See for yourself if Frisky is the cat's meow (see what I did there?) by ordering one from Good Vibrations!

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