Review: Door Jam Cuffs

I'm not crazy about complicated bondage if I have to strap and buckle and tie- not because putting someone *into* it isn't fun, but I know getting them *out* is going to take forever, and the equipment can be heavy and tedious. Give me the simple things- cuffs and attachments I can throw into a bag and run away for the weekend with. And as a traveling proDomme, I often need bondage stuff I can easily apply to the bleak canvas of a hotel room, as they generally frown on drilling holes into their furniture (though I *did* have a client once who did that...)

Which is why the Door Jam Cuffs from Good Vibrations are right up my street- they don't take up much space, they're easy to use, and they're quick to remove when you're done with them. Ideal for impatient Dommes like me!

So the way door jam cuffs work is as follows- they have a plastic dowel type thing on one side, attached to a strap, on which is attached a cuff. The dowel goes on one side of the door and the cuffs swing to the other side, so when you shut the door they stay in place. Easy peasy, and doesn't do any damage to the door!

These ones have 10" cuffs that velcro together surprisingly sturdily, allowing you to bind your lover with their arms above their head or with their wrists/ankles bound to the gap below the door. I have small wrists, and these fit me snugly an comfortably-The straps are 8" long, so plenty of room to struggle. ;)

While these lend themselves to various types of play (cutting someone's clothes off, for example, or flogging a willing back and bum, or possibly some sort of splosh silliness) I've been thinking this would be fun for discipline purposes. I think maybe the next time the boy is disobedient I can have him kneel, head and arms down, attached to the door until I come and free him, giving him some corner time to think about what he's done. ::grin::

I also think this would be really sexy for a hostage scene- keeping someone bound, back against the door (against their method of escape, which is particularly cruel I think) while I run a knife along their skin... mm. Sounds like the beginning of a good night to me!

Because these are velcro and fleece, they're suitable for vegan kinksters, too, which is always good!

Thanks Good Vibrations for sending me the Door Jam Cuffs in exchange for an honest review!

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