Review: Divine Oral Pleasure Lip Gloss

I loveloveLOVE playing with different sensations. It goes wrong sometimes (like that one time with the cinnamon altoids breath strips) but figging with ginger, mint on my clit, even wasabi lube- I like to experiment. 
Even when I was younger and just starting to experiment, I recall trading a pot of normal water-based lube with some warming lube (my friend, a gay guy, didn't really like the feeling of his asshole burning, go figure). 
But a lot of the stuff made for sex has tons of hype and doesn't really live up to it. I want strong sensations, things that make me back up wide-eyed and say "holy shit that was awesome". 
The Divine Oral Pleasure Lip Gloss from Babeland is such a thing. It looks very unassuming, like any random lip gloss you'd fling in your purse (maybe the "erotic art" written on the side would give it away, but who's looking?). 
Except this stuff draws blood to the surface, creating a warming/cooling effect that is really, really fun. 
When I got it I just tried it as a lip gloss and found it to be good quality- no stickiness, no sickeningly sweet aftertaste, just a pleasant, mild flavor (they describe it as strawberries and champagne- it's certainly sweet and a bit fruity) and glossy shiny lips. Lovely! The first image is of the gloss over Mac lipstick, this image is just on its own. 
It takes about 30 seconds for the sensation to start- a bit of tingling, a touch of warmth every time you breathe over it, but not unpleasant. I enjoyed the fact that it managed to be noticeable without making me feel like my lips were burning off. Perfect balance.
Then, as my usual co-tester,, the boy is really far away, I decided I'd try putting a dab on my clit and seeing how that felt. 
Again, it takes a little bit to kick in, but wow, did it heat up! I had put a dab on my finger and then on my clit, so I might recommend going for a lighter dose- glass to lips to clit, say, for a milder sensation. I adored it though! I loved the feeling of heat, then tingling, and finally coolness that followed the application. 
I did wish I had someone to blow on it for me to I could see how the warming effect felt, but perhaps I'll get to experiment more with that next week...
The Divine Oral Pleasure Lip Gloss would make a great present to someone who you want to encourage to spice up their love life without scaring them off with a vibrator. I'd also suggest it to any femmes who want a little extra vavoom in their toykit/purse/Bag of Holding. 
Thanks Babeland for letting me try it out in exchange for an honest review!

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