Review: Baconlube

Ok, ok, I know. The bacon thing is out of control. It's some crazy hipsterized meat candy meme now, and everyone's hopping on it. I get it.

But I have liked bacon all along- it's never been uncool, bacon, because it's delicious and goes with my other favourite things, like breakfast and avocados. Salty, crispy, and sometimes a little sweet or peppery, a quality bacon is a thing of beauty. Nom.

Additionally, I love novelty. If something looks, sounds, or tastes weird, I am all over that. I love to try new stuff- it's kind of my personal fetish.

So when I saw J&D's, makers of Bacon Salt and, my fave, Malt Salt, announce that they were actually making Baconlube (an April 1st prank) a reality, I was really pleased about it. Probably overly so. And I immediately contacted them about reviewing their product.

Much to my delight, they sent a sample my way! Just in time for Thanksgiving, too. What more should a girl be grateful for?

So the smell of this lube is smokey- no fancy flavours/scents here, this is original, off the griddle style bacon. It's not super strong, but it definitely has the scent of crispy salted pork products. I did appreciate the lack of chemical afterscents.

Then, the important bit- the flavour. It had that smokey bacon-y taste, but also a sweetness (due in part to it being a lube with glycerin in it) that, in my opinion, made the bacon a little too mild. It was something that wasn't too strong- I didn't feel like it had branded my tongue or anything- but strong enough to make it fun as a novelty for your Burning Man friends.

Now to talk about it in more professional, lubricant senses- it was nicely slippery and didn't get too tacky, though it's a water-based lube and therefore benefits from some refreshing during use. Water-based means it's safe to use with your silicone toys- however, do be aware that this lube has glycerin, and therefore may not be the best for people who have sensitivities to sugar.

See, I remember back when Baconlube was a fantasy made up for April 1st. From just a prank to a reality, you can see a video wherein they tested the flavour of this lube- an early forerunner to what I have in my hands. What I love about this video is the ring of people licking lube off their hands and commenting on the fact that maybe it's a bit bitter this time around. Hee! I'd love to interview the intern who had to taste test each batch- does he still eat bacon? One would guess not!

So while my guess is that no one will have this on their nightstand in a pump bottle (ok, except for those guys who like to be called "pig"), it's a fun and useable novelty that would make a great stocking stuffer for people. They will not be expecting it!

Oh yeah, and it's kosher. :)

Thank you J&D's for sending me a bottle of your Baconlube in exchange for an honest review!

And happy colonization day.

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