question time with Kitty Stryker

A while back I did a survey which included a couple of things- what sort of things would people like to see on my blog, and what sort of things people wanted me to teach.

One thing that's come up a fair amount in one form or another is asking questions. People have a bunch of questions about sex and don't always know who to ask to get good, queer, fat-positive, risk-assessed advice.

Well, here's an idea- you can use my Formspring!

I get asked loads of things in person or via private messages, but sometimes I think that the questions spur on an interesting article (like the threesome one) and it'd be nice to start to put together a general sex guide on here. A how-to tag. So this is how I'm going to give it a go.

Write me a question via Formspring. It can be anonymous or you can put your name on it.. As long as it isn't abusive, I will answer it- bluntly, honestly, with awareness and tact (what I have of those anyway). It can be about:

-sexual techniques
-sex and disability
-mental health and sexuality
-gender questions
-questions on good porn
-asking for recommendations
-relationship advice
-sex toy advice
-safer sex advice
-open relationship navigation


I'll pick a question a week or so to answer in full on here. In theory. We'll see if you guys have any questions...

And seriously, you will not shock me. Whatever it is. You won't. So ask away!

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