Please Nominate CC for the Erotic Awards by Feb 29th?

Every year there's an event called the Erotic Awards that happens in the UK, and every year they take nominations. It's a great way to signal boost an event, activism work or a performance artist.

There's a fancy party, and it's fun, but it's also serious- it's a place where you can get recognized for the work you're doing.

I would LOVE to see Consent Culture nominated- but I need YOUR help!

Anyone can send in a nomination- doesn't matter where in the world you are. In fact, you can nominate in a couple different categories if you want! The form takes just a few minutes, and it would mean the world to us working CC- it's the sort of thing we can then use to catapult this concept into more venues and have it treated with respect.

You have until Feb 29th if you feel inclined to nominate Consent Culture for campaigner of the year at the Erotic Awards. I mean, you can nominate other things too- Barelesque, which was a women-run cooperative show for charity is up for nomination, or maybe you want to nominate Jiz Lee's porn for charity Karma Pervs, or something else entirely!

But we'd be delighted if you could help us keep doing this work, and help us spread the word even further.

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