oh, the fetish con

This weekend was Skin Two weekend, which gets a lot of people in a tizzy- flurries of latex, rushing about from party to party, all sorts of excitement.

Me, well, I like my 11pm bedtime, so I just go for the shopping.

The shopping was reasonable- a lot like LAM usually except with more stuff for the boys this time, I found. There aren't the same sort of "con deals" you get with comic conventions or even the Kinky Flea in Massachusetts- so I was able to resist buying another corset, secure in the knowledge I could get it at the next LAM instead. However, I did get a few toys:

-a horsehair flogger with wood handle
-a ballchain flogger with metal handle
-a two-tongued short whip, leather, with wood handle
-a rope carpet-beater, with wood handle
-a carbon fiber cane (all the above from Jack's Floggers)
-2 10m bits of red hemp rope, treated

I also got a metal dildo in Brighton. ::grin:: A bunch of fun new toys to play with!

It was also very nice to find a dress that fit my girlfriend like a dream- sort of industrial looking with some drape-y floaty bits. And the clothes that the boy got- some fetish dandy styled stuff- are divine. Pinstripe long skirt with slits and zippers, a fitted shirt with built in nipple clamps (Jed Phoenix- omg hot) and a shinyshiny corset. I WILL go to the ball! Well, ok, or maybe just Night of the Senses.

Shopping is exhausting. I'm glad to have had two reasonably submissive bottoms on hand, because my foot massage on day one after standing in heels? It was incredible.

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