"just do what you want..."

I was joking with a friend about this- the client who says "just do what you want".

What I want would go in this order-

-you pay me and I leave, nothing else happens
-you pay me and then clean my house and then leave
-you pay me and I tie you up, leave you in a corner while I read, and then untie you and leave
-you pay me and I hit you with things til I'm bored/satisfied then I leave

Oh, and I don't dress up for any of the above. I'm in my comfy robe, or jeans and a tee shirt.

Maybe if you get me on a horny day I'll want you pierce you and tie bits of your body to other bits. Or maybe I'd want to get you to suck my strap on while I slap your face with it.

Or you'd get me on the first crampy day of my period and I'd want to kick you in the balls and watch you crumple.

This is why "just do what you want" is a terrible thing to say. I'm doing this professionally, which means if you want to be satisfied with the product you have to know what you want. And if I feel unforgiving about that sort of laziness, you'll likely end up tied up in a corner covered with menses and glitter, clamps tight on your nipples and cane welts on your ass as you suck cock- and I, btw, will no longer be there. Is that what you want?

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