off to Scotland!

I'm typing this while sipping tea in First Class on a train to Edinburgh. I'm looking forward to a nice jaunt away from London for a few days, though am also a bit nervous that I'll struggle to get clients while on tour. Edinburgh's been good for me in the past, work-wise, though socially it can be awkward- it's pretty anti-sex work in my experience, especially compared to what I'm used to.

Still, it's a city I'm fond of, though I haven't been back there since September 2008! And I've never taken the train, which I've now determined is the only way to travel. I've been served breakfast, continuous tea and coffee, can plug in my laptop and have free wifi- ideal, really, for a geek like me! Though I've had to be careful looking through my followed tumblr as it's got a lot of tied up curvy girls, uncut cock, and half naked queers. Whoops. It's given me a good chance to catch up with articles though- I'd like to point out this one about things het women can do that het men cannot (patriarchy hurts everyone people!) and this one about the John Snow kiss-in that makes the point- why should queers have to drink crap beer from gay-friendly venues (and why to gay-friendly venues overwhelmingly have crap beer?)? And finally, why is Facebook claiming that fully clothed men kissing is sexually graphic..?

I'll be staying in the same area of flats, which is quite nice too. Last time I had a two bedroom flat, double bed in each, two bathrooms, which meant I had a work bedroom and bathroom and a personal bedroom and bathroom. It sounds kind of crazy but it really helps me to keep these things separate. And I love having my own kitchen. There's just something nice about being able to make yourself a cuppa.

So fingers crossed that this is a financially excellent trip and that I get to use my strap ons. :D

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