Coffee, Cake, Kink & Kitty!

Coffee Cake and Kink was the first kinky space I felt really comfortable in, probably because it wasn't a fetish club or a munch, but rather just a space where I could talk freely and know I was among fellow perverts like myself. It also made me really happy that it was so central, and that it was respectable enough to bring vanilla friends while also being a non-alcoholic place to meet up with a potential play partner.

Sadly CCK lost the lease on their cafe space and have been trying to recover ever since. It's made me even more determined to do what I can to try and save Wicked Grounds, under similar threat in San Francisco (and by the way they can use some pledging support themselves- they're halfway to the goalpost they need to stay alive for another 6 months, so if you can, pledge or go to their fundraiser at the Citadel?). CCK is sorely missed here in London, but rents are high and the recession is hitting us all, non consensually and harshly.
Anyway, I went to CCK's offices on Thursday as I had won a little goodie bag of things thanks to writing a review on some chocolate for them. Not too shabby! I got a bar of chocolate (I got to choose, too), a keyring, and a gift set that was Catwoman-y. Pretty nifty. Plus I got to drink their amazing coffee and have biscuits.
Now, I like doing product reviews anyway, so it was a nice little reward. But I also want to encourage people in the UK and beyond to consider taking a bit of time to write up a review of something you've bought that CCK sells- not only do you get entered to win some cool stuff, but you're also giving back to the community by creating a space for feedback and advice. You don't even have to have bought it from CCK! Win win, right? And the form's really simple. 
The other thing I want to bring to your attention is that CCK can really use your business so they can move out of the office and into a real community space again. You can order lots of awesome stuff from their web shop- from gift hampers to tons of hard to find books to amazing coffee (and they're the only ones who have it online).  If you're skint right now, one way to help their business is to review stuff. If you're not, and you're London-based, you could consider either ordering stuff from the online shop and picking it up in person to save on shipping, or just browsing what they have on offer when they have shopping days.
So next time you pick up something kinky, consider getting it from CCK and give back a bit to the larger kinky community- the people who don't feel like munches and fetish clubs are for them but have nowhere else to go. And after you do, review it- you might win coffee, cake, and kinky treats!

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