Night of the Senses

Wow. All I can say, really, is wow. 

I'm still recovering from Night of the Senses, which apparently used to be called the Sex Maniacs Ball. I went with my girlfriend and my client-cum-thingboy, and had an amazing time. You know when you do something and you didn't realize how much you needed it til afterwards? That was my experience in so many ways. My libido is back, I feel glowy and cuddly and sexy and happy, and I confessed to the thingboy that I have a crush... and he felt the same way! Whee!
I also did a couple of things I haven't done in a while as a bottom- like anal play- and other things I've never tried, like having my whole body and head mummified. It was intense but giggly good fun, and I can't wait to play with that more. 
Threesomes are usually fun, and this one was no exception. My gf and I ended up talking some about how things went, and if we do it again I think we'll have some different agreements, but even so it was fun and sexy and awesome. 
I half want to tell all because I want to share my joy, and half don't because I'm sort of selfish and want to keep it to myself. I'm sure that's the more sensible approach.
So, I'll close with-

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