New Year, and Resolutions

So apparently I didn't write down resolutions for 2010, so I have no idea how I would've done on them. God knows 2010 was a rough year for a lot of people though!

First, I should write out what I did this year... it's been pretty intense:

-Went to Vegas and got kicked out of Circus Circus for wearing clownface.
-Closed my eyes, jumped... and hit the ground hard. Ouch. But due to that also met the boy... <3
-Founded Kinky Salon London with a crew of amazing folks to great success.
-Got a room of my own in London!
-Was interviewed in a few magazines (Time Out being one, though also Closer and the Sunday Sport)... and a documentary aired with me in it on Current!
-Won an erotic award for Ladies High Tea and Porn as innovation of the year.
-Brought the boy to Burning Man for the first time.
-Explored the world of ageplay, with both excited and squick reactions.
-Had sex in a coffin!
-Learned a lot about my limitations with nonmonogamy, relationships, and jealousy.
-Started writing at Carnal Nation, She Loves Sex, and Good Vibrations Magazine. Also started doing sex toy and porn reviews.
-Finally went to the Upper Floor.
-Watched proudly as my boy served at a formal dinner for the first time.
-Did some porn myself with the lovely Kelly Shibari from Padded Kink, even a couple with the boy!

It's been a busy year. Intense in a lot of ways. Emotionally up and down, a lot. But I feel pretty firmly like I'm grown a lot this year- I've started pursuing a career in sexuality with more focus and drive, I've had a hand in creating an amazing London community, I've met my lovely boy, and I've gotten out of a bad situation. Live and learn.

So what are my resolutions for 2011?

-Create a website for Ladies High Tea and Pornography Society to take it the next step
-Create some proposals for classes I could teach- perhaps on sex party etiquette?
-Cut out bad energy in my life- I've started, but should keep this up. And don't try to contact them in moments of weakness!
-Cut down on cigarettes and move to an electronic cigarette- try to have this fully transitioned by 2012.
-Do a queer porn- possibly in London- and maybe submit one to the Good Vibes Film Fest.
-Try to get at least three things published in print.
-Sort out a place to live, whether in the UK or US, and stay there.
-Visit at least one new place in Europe.
-Repair friendships that have been banged up a bit.

Let's see how this goes!

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