Mistakes were made: so your silicone toy now smells

I'm going to start doing some blog posts that'll be about troubleshooting when things go wrong in the sexy sphere, and I'm going to start calling them "mistakes were made".

Have you had an issue you need solved? Send me an email at miss.kitty.stryker at gmail with the subject line "mistakes were made" and I'll see if I can help!

So for my first issue, I'm going to talk about what to do when your silicone toy has picked up... well, a smell. often, specifically, the smell of ass. There's a common belief that silicone is odorless to begin with, and that it won't hold odors, which isn't entirely true anyway, but sometimes, if you're having teh buttsecks with a silicone toy, that toy will end up smelling of ass.

This became something I explored thoroughly after using one of my silicone toys anally (with a condom on it, no less!) ended up with the toy having a strong scent, even after washing with soap and hot water. Usually, washing your toy in the dishwasher or boiling it a little longer than usual (10 minutes, say) will help with the issue.

But what if your toy is a vibrator or otherwise can't be boiled? What should you do then?

First of all, I do NOT recommend you try Febreeze. I saw that suggested a few places, but you don't want those chemicals inserted inside you! I've seen dish soap or shampoo as recommended, but it can cause irritation for some, so be sure to rinse it off thoroughly just in case.

You can try a 10% bleach solution (just be sure, again, to rinse thoroughly). Air drying also helps with the smell. I've heard good things about putting your toy in some baking soda for a day or two and then washing it, which is another thing to try that won't really hurt you internally (or your pricey plug!)

There's also toy cleaners and wipes you can use, though, again, don't forget to rinse your toys before you use the toy, as those can also be irritating to your pink bits.

Of course when it comes to avoiding it in the first place, there's other things you should keep in mind. I mean, I thought a condom would work but apparently not!

So consider always having an enema ahead of time to minimize the risk of a scent on your toy (or a mess!) There's also the idea of storing your toys with a little bag filled with a vanilla bean, coffee beans, or a lightly scented dryer sheet to keep them smelling fresh.

But if it happens to you- it's not just you, seriously. This happens to people all the time. So don't feel embarrassed!  Just give the above tips a try if it happens to you, and you should have your toy smelling fresh again.

Don't forget, if you have a question or want some sex blunder advice, please drop me an email! I'd love to do these more regularly.

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