It's Greebo's time.

Just so you guys know... I'm going be bringing Greebo to the vet tomorrow to have him put to sleep. Hes not in enormous pain yet, but he's very very weak, struggling to jump up things r even walk very far, and while he's still slightly mobile, I think he'd be in severe pan while I'm away in Poland and I'd rather be there when he passes than have him suffer in my absence. It's been really hard to come to this conclusion, and it'll be even harder to go on vacation when I feel miserable about this. but I knew I'd know when it was time, and it feels like it's time. I'm going to give him the snack he liked most recently- kitty food gravy- and my girly is going to be kind enough to clean up the flat and remove the cat stuff so when I get home I'm not a mess seeing his toys or dish. I'll have some good support this weekend and when I get home, but love and well wishes, especially prayers to help Greebo get to the Summerlands, would be appreciated. And, you know, nice energy to help me heal.

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